Collection: "The Estates" Custom Statement Piece (Wooden Dough Bowls- Lg and XL)

Your home is your safe space so it deserves to be a stylish reflection of you. 

Each bowl is hand carved, ensuring that no two bowls are alike.

Dough bowls can be styled in rustic, boho, minimalist, or modern settings and exude style in them all. An excellent statement piece, dough bowl candles are also eco-friendly and repurposable. Add, florals, or other accents after your candle is depleted OR opt for a wax refill!

Available in 14-16oz or XL 32-40oz  (Fill capacity varies due to individual crafting of each bowl)

*Each bowl is hand poured at the time of order. Please allow 1-2 weeks from date of order for delivery.  

Available in White or Oak. Number of wicks to be determined at time of pour.

Choose from:

Pineapple & Sage

Bloom (Floral Blend of Rose, White Orchid, Dark Vanilla)

Meet Gorgeous (Wild berries & Champagne, base notes of Musk, Sandalwood)  

Mocktail (sparkling citrus, red currant, woodsy musk)

SoCal Sunset (white musk, pear, fig)

Sunday Brunch (Peach, Apple, Water Lily, Cedar, Sandalwood)

Speak easy(cocktail blend of pink pepper, neroli oil, rum and vanilla, smokey tobacco leaf and leather)