Collection: Bed & Breakfast (Room Refresher Sprays)

Our Room and Refresher sprays are the perfect options for those who prefer a spray-and-go option to aromatherapy. Made "clean" with only organic witch hazel, alcohol, and fragrance, our refresher sprays are safe to use on furniture, window dressings, in your car, and even on the body!

Curated with the same commitment to peace of mind, all our fragrances are made with beneficial oils.

Note: Refresher sprays are not perfume grade. Not recommended for individuals with eczema and/or other skin sensitivities.

Available in (4) fragrances:

Ambergris- A luxury blend of Saffron, Cedar, and of course Ambergris. This fragrance is a spot on duplicate of the famed Baccarat Rouge! Warm & sultry, this scent brings balance.

Day Party- A bright blend of citrus and "sunshine", with amber and sandalwood. "Day Party" is an all day energy booster.

Lavender Haze- A lavender and musk scent inspired by JoMalone's signature Lavender & Moonflower. This scent is a linen must have for an instant good night's rest!

Luxe Life- Curated with saffron, cedar, and warm vanilla, Luxe Life lives up to it's name with a beautiful scent profile that also aids in reducing stress and improving concentration.